Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Freezing.... (click for a blog reader FREEBIE!)

in the literal sense and in a new product sense. In the literal sense it has been cold...and my heat in my classroom has been having issues. Issues as in it just blows out air. And I teach in a trailer portable. So that is NOT ok. I nag the building engineer about it every day. They "fixed it" last week... and it isn't working again.

In a happier sense...I created something new to use in grammar this week. We are learning about past, present, and future tense verbs this week and since it is cold I went with a "frozen in time"/winter theme for this packet.

I can only teach grammar 4 days a week because my Mondays are full of support classes. So on Tuesday I am introducing the topic by having students complete a graphic organizer where they will brainstorm examples of past, present and future tense verbs and what they think these terms mean. (You can semi see this in the bottom left corner of the picture above... close to the title page.)

On Wednesday we are going to be completing a sorting activity that is found in the packet, or sold individually here.  Students will cut out snowflakes with verbs on them and sort them into past, present, and future tense. For homework they will complete this writing sentences activity found below (feel free to grab this and if you like it check out the link to the full packet here). (You can see the snowflakes sorting in the bottom left corner of the above picture.)

Thursday I am doing small groups with differentiated sorting games (a lot of sorting going on here... my kids love them). I am pulling my students that don't quite grasp it (based on Wednesday's activity and homework) and we will be working together to simply sort the verbs (no sentences). My other two groups will have sentences with verbs in them that they need to sort (to differentiate these two groups, one has the verbs underlined and the other is a little more challenging as the students have to identify the verbs).  (If you look in the preview file picture these are in the top left corner.)

Friday we are playing I have who has and then taking a test. (I have who has is in the top middle portion of the picture with the test in the bottom right corner). If you already have a test, the included test pages would be GREAT for extra practice/homework.

Enjoy the freebie! I hope to continue including freebies from new products in my blog posts about them.


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  1. It is FREEZING! I mean, I'm in northern AZ... where we usually have highs in the winter of 45-55 and NO snow. Well we have NO snow, but highs of 30! Our kids don't have appropriate clothes for this weather.

    Anyway, LOVE the new pack! Thanks for the freebie!


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