Saturday, October 27, 2012

Drawing Conclusions

Last week we had to work on the dreaded drawing conclusions skill. Without fail, every year when I teach it, some kid still thinks it has something to do with drawing. But not this year, thanks to Babbling Abby's post, they got it. Now- the original post I found wasn't hers. It was from Life in First Grade (which I found pinned on pinterest) but I want both of these girls to get credit for helping me with this lesson. Anyways- back to the point of this post. I started looking up ideas well before I was ready to start teaching this skill because it is always a doozy. I usually start by asking the kids what they would know about me if I came in coughing and with a red nose and tissues. They always say that I am sick and we go into how did you know and blah blah so on. But this year, I decided to let them dig into my purse to draw conclusions.

I prefaced this lesson with you NEVER NEVER go in your teacher's bag unless she tells you to and the same goes for mom. I then told them that today they were going to pick something out of my purse and figure out what it means about me. Wow were they excited to stick their hands in my bag and take something (that was well planned out in advance) out. Every item that came out we listed on our chart and then discussed what it could mean about me.

After we finished digging out all the goods from my purse, I told them that what they just did was draw... and they shouted conclusions. I was so excited! Then I gave them the worksheet I made to go along with it and told them to pick three things to draw from my purse and write about what they can conclude about me based on these things.

I personally love the last sentence from this one and think it is a great conclusion :)
Please forgive grammar and spelling issues
My kids really loved this activity and truly got the concept of drawing conclusions... especially after the activity we did later in the week... post about that coming soon!

And don't forget about my Halloween items being on sale this weekend (well I set my sale up to run until Tuesday). My sale is 15% off since those items are low priced to begin with. I will be back to post about our other fun drawing conclusions activity later this weekend :)

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