Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Real Life Confessions

It's been a while since I did a post huh? Let's just start with the confessions right here... I am so tired I forgot I just did the currently link up. Ay yi yi! Things are getting out of hand here. OUT OF HAND! I am crazy busy and have no time for anything, let alone blogging. BUT my friend Jenn over at Rowdy in First Grade is having a super fun linky so I am taking time out of life to join in on this one. It's confession time folks!

1. Some papers that I collect with full intentions of grading just happen to find their way into the recycling bin. For a couple different reasons. 1. "Ugh what happened that day?! Why are these scores so bad?! Let's teach this again and try another day." or 2. "WHOA how did I get so many papers in this pile to grade....with grades due next week?! Oh I have a lot for this subject, we can let this one go."

2. We have a routine for collecting papers. At this point in the year I would hope my students know the difference between math, science, reading, etc. Except EVERY SINGLE TIME when we go to turn in a paper I get "Mrs. S. what subject is this? Is this reading?" REALLY HONEY?! With MATH problems on it?!

3. Sometimes I extend morning work time just a teeeeeeny bit longer than necessary... because I just need a few more minutes to get myself together awake.

4. Annie and Moby have become a staple the past couple weeks. Even without a projector. We just turn around an iMac and we all watch on one small screen. Teacher's gotta stay sane during testing season!

5. That motion sensor in the corner of the classroom.... didn't you know it is REALLY a video camera? That's right friends. Don't try to lie to me because I will just go "watch the video from the camera". Love that thing!

6. Sometimes we earn "bonus recess" for nothing other than it was a nice day and we need to be out of the four walls of our classroom.

7. After state testing is over, we may or may not listen to Disney World park music all day!

8. I tell my students that 75% or above is passing, when in reality it is 70%. But in reality 70% IS NOT proficient on TCAP so might as well prepare them in advance. And if they are at least striving for the 75% to make me happy, then we can hope for the same on TCAP.

9. We sent progress reports home last week. 21 students and one teacher.... ONE parent noticed and sent me a note that mine were the THIRD nine weeks, not the FOURTH. Ummm ooops? I didn't even notice it and my grades are actually in!

10. I am the worst at planning for holidays. All of a sudden it's "oh it's Mother's Day?! Quick bust out the construction paper, crayons, scissors, and glue and make a card!"


  1. Gina.........I am guilty of almost all of the above...except the progress reports because I haven't done the fourth quarter ones yet. Who knows though...there is always time for it to happen to me too! LOL! Good to see you on here! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. #5 and #6! "Y'all are working so hard! Extra recess!" And #7- you kill me with the Disney stuff! Love your list and love you!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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