Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekly Math Mania

Ok friends... I am trying to get things back in order here. I really am. But I am really far behind, at life, in general! We moved back to our hometown and a lot of stuff has been going on. I am currently out of the classroom and am unable to teach until I get my Master's degree. It was heartbreaking news for me when I found this out (LONG story) but I am hoping that things will work out for me, one way or another. I am in the process of getting started on a Master's program (pending it is an approved program) and am trying to decide what to do outside of teaching. But in the meantime, I have been cranking away at this to do list for things I wanted to create but never had time to really do it.
This one is my BIGGEST and (personally think) best product yet. For the past few years (pre TpT time for me... as in, before I knew it even existed), a friend and I have been saying we really need something that our students could work on daily or weekly where they reviewed all their math skills. Because they would master something, and then could apply it beyond the basics... but when it came back to the basics, they had no clue what to do. For example, place value. They would perfect identifying the place, the value, and even number forms. But then it would just vanish. And so I started by putting review questions on every test I made. And eventually the review section would get larger and larger. Finally, I had the idea to make something students can do weekly. And after months and months of work, my Weekly Math Mania was complete!

Now, there are a ton of ways this can be used. As I was working through it, the way I would use it was that students would get a sheet each week. They would complete 4 boxes a day as part of their morning work routine. By Friday, the entire sheet would be done and it would have only taken just a few minutes a day. It could also be done in a math center, early finisher work, homework, etc. My kids LOVED our morning work routine because there was a lot going on and they got a lot done in a little time. And it was probably the best 30 minutes to start a day ever. Every child in my class felt successful because of the variety of things they did. Anyways... back to Math Mania.
Each week there are 20 questions. And the boxes are all related. So box 1 is always going to be related to place value, for example. And box 10 will always be a word problem. Not only will this bring routine for your students but it will help you to reteach and preteach different skills. Think about it. Let's use rounding, for example. It may not come up for a couple months in your curriculum. But it shows up every single week in one way or another on Math Mania. So, the first few times, your students struggle. But as you go over the problem, you are doing a mini lesson on how to round. Now, a few months later, rounding comes up in your curriculum. And most of your students already know how to do it! You can focus on higher level questions, pulling small groups, or just spending less time on it than you would have without this set. And now, when rounding is finished, typically some students would forget how to do it without constant use of it. You can be sure that they will continue practicing with it because it will show up every week on Math Mania. No need to stress about forgetting the basics.

If you want to look further into this, try it out for free for two weeks, or just want to get a closer look at the questions, I have a freebie sample available in my store for you to download.

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  1. This has been something that I've been wanting to use in my classroom, but didn't have the time to create. I'm excited to try your sample on TpT!


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