Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's September!!

September means my extra long summer vacation is over. (I got an extra hmm 6 weeks because I moved from the south where they end in May to the north where they don't start until Sept.) And I know I am crazy late to the party here, but I want to join in the fun with Farley anyways! it is!
So most of this is pretty self explanatory...

Big Brother! I love this show. What's even better is that my husband loves it too. And the reason why that makes it even better is because 9 years ago when we started dating, his mom and I were talking about the show and he was saying how stupid it was and he would never watch. Now.... now he loves it and reads up on things that happen.

Loving- my new school! Seriously the amount of stress I had been feeling the past couple years made me really feel awful. I was not a happy person in general. Being back home and now getting a job in my new school has been amazing! Seriously the stress levels are way down (of course there is still typical daily stress but NOTHING near as major as the past couple years) and I work with some amazing people.

Thinking- oh my goodness friends. My little girl is growing up. She is starting pre-k3 next week and tonight we converted her toddler bed into a full bed. FULL bed folks. I can't believe it. She was so excited to have her big big bed (the toddler bed was her big bed) and her new sheets and comforter. She even brought her baby doll and monkey to bed with her.

Wanting- I want to lose some pounds. Well more than some...

And in order for that to happen I NEED to get back into a routine and get back to the gym!

3 trips I would love to take... this one was tough because I want to go a lot of places. I would love to go to Hawaii (my dad's been trying to convince me for years to go). I want to go to a LOT of places in Europe but especially Italy. And finally, I never thought I would want to visit Alaska but I have seen so many amazing pictures. Except I would prefer to take a cruise there.

If you want to join in the fun and are late to the party like me, click below!


  1. Big Brother is a house obsession for us over here too! We don't miss an episode!

  2. Go you!!! That is so awesome that you got extra summer days! OMG! My husband and I LOVE watching Big Brother. What’s funny is that we used to give his parents a hard time about the show because we thought the whole thing seemed silly. Now look who’s anxiously waiting for the next episode. These guys! That so great that the moved worked out so well for you. I’m at a new school too and LOVING it. Now, if I could just get a few kiddos to follow directions and be nice.

    The Super Sparkly Teacher


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