Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here. And! We have spent the past 3 days outside playing and "swimming" in our little inflatable pool. Our yard is just not made for a real pool, but our little one works just fine. I have a LOT that I want to get done this summer. And since I am such a list kinda person, I decided to link up with Teri, Hadar, and April for their Summer Bucket List linky!


So what is on my list?!

1. Go on vacation... it is still semi up in the air. We KNOW we are going to Atlanta for at least 2 nights to go to the Chipper Jones retirement game during alumni weekend. We went to Atlanta last year and went to two games during alumni weekend and had a blast.  (These pics are from my mommy blog. I couldn't resist sharing.)

 BUT... we are waiting to see if my dad gets his vacation time approved. Because if he does, Payton will be taking her very first trip to

IF my dad gets off, the three of us will spend 2 nights in Atl and meet up with my parents in Disney for 6 nights. If he doesn't then the three of us will spend 4 or 5 nights in Atl and do Disney next year. 

2. Spend time with Tim and Payton. Obviously. I don't get nearly enough time with them during the school year, especially the three of us together. In order to make our day care needs work, Tim and I work opposite times usually. So summer is our time to really spend together.
Last summer on the Maid of the Mist
 3. Organize. This has been my goal the past couple years. It is a slow process but I am getting there. I have decided to use binders instead of files. I have almost all of my science stuff organized. And most of my reading and language arts stuff. Math needs a ton of work and social studies has not even been started yet. 
This is something I already do (not my pic) but this board is FULL of good ideas.
4. Work on things for my classroom next year. I am doing a pirate theme and I have a TON of ideas. So I need to get going on those.  (no pictures here... you will have to wait until the big classroom reveal)

5. Create and mark things off the to do list for TpT. I have a TON of things to create this summer. I have been adding to my to do list all school year.

6. Read... I love to read and don't do it nearly enough. I have a TON of books (both ebook and in print) that are waiting to be read. 

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