Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blogging from the iPad Part 2

Remember an eternity ago when I posted about the amazing app I used to blog from my ipad? If not, here is the post. If so, remember I also said I would be back with more tips for blogging from your ipad? Well... I know it has been a long long time, but I am back to share another app that I use to blog directly from my ipad.
This is another FREE app called Aviary. (Or Photo Editor by Aviary...but on my iPad it just says aviary.) This is the app that I use to add the borders around my pictures, stickers to cover up my students' faces, crop, brighten, etc.
When you first open the app, it will show your last picture taken. You can scroll through all the pictures in your gallery until you come to the one you want to edit.
When you get to the picture, click "edit this photo"
Then you will get a bunch of options...
Now, I didn't open up each and every option and take screen shots because that would just become redundant. But I can tell you what I use the most... I use the frames all the time (now that I found it) to make the black borders around my pictures (I didn't do it on all of these since it is pictures of pictures of pictures and it would have made me dizzy... but you can see examples in my post about story elements). I also use the stickers to cover up my students' faces.
Here is an example of how that works... you click stickers, scroll through the options (I only use the free ones but there are others you can purchase) and choose the one you want. It will pop up in the picture and you drag it to the place you want it and the apprpriate size.
Hit apply when you are done and it locks in. If you have more than one face to cover up, just add the stickers as many times as you need before hitting apply. If you hit apply after you add one sticker, you have to go through the steps to find and add the sticker. I figured that out the long way.
The other thing I use is the draw feature. I use it to draw the arrows that you see in my picture (though as I am typing this I am now seeing there is an arrow sticker that I suppose I could be using...but I get to choose the colors if I draw my sloppy arrows myself).
As you can see there is a TON you can do with this app. The effects menu lets you change the color as you can see in the picture below.
If you blog from your ipad (or have always wanted to but couldn't figure it out) I highly recommend you grab this app.
(As mentioned the last time, I was not given anything in exchange for this post. I posted this on my own in order to share something that works with all my amazing readers.)

And don't forget about the AMAZING educents bundle!!


  1. oooh, I've been looking for a good photo editing app..that looks great :)

    Teach on a Limb

    1. For all I know there could be more, but this one was free and served my purpose. I like free haha There is a lot you can do with it but I just featured the things I use the most. I have one or two more blogging on the ipad series posts planning too!


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