Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick giveaway and mega deal!

I am sorry I have been such a slacker blogger lately! Life has just taken over. I promise you I am taking pictures and writing ideas down to make sure I share them with you, and I even printed out my 2014 blogging calendar to try and get back in the swing of things... but we have a lot going on at home and a very active 2.5 year old. Forgive me?

Okay... onto the giveaway... that started a few days ago and ends on New Year's Eve. What better way to start 2014 than by winning some awesome prizes!
 There are FIVE New Year's Giveaway Packs which means FIVE WINNERS! And one of the packs has winner's choice from me! The winners will be chosen at MIDNIGHT on January 1 to start the new year off on the right foot. To get all the details and enter the giveaway yourself, stop over to Tailor Made Teaching. Happy entering! 

And now for the MEGA deal...

These long breaks are a great time for some reflection!  It's easy when you are teaching to think... oh this needs to be changed or that needs to be changed but who has the time do it when you are teaching?  Certainly not me!!!  

So some friends and I got together to offer you this amazing bundle for you to quickly and easily make some changes!  

I am so excited about this bundle because it includes new management techniques, behavior interventions, decor, forms, and all sorts of other organizational must haves!  It's only $10.99 and includes over 600 pages of items that can be quickly and easily implemented when you return to your classroom!

If you have had your eye on my pirate decor or were debating it, THIS would be the time to get it. If you want more information about it, check out these posts.

But this is just one product from the bundle.  There are 14 others!  Here's a quick peek, but you can surely head over the Educents post to read about each one!

It's only for a limited time so you won't want to miss out!  

Comment below one thing you want to change in your classroom and be entered to win one additional product from the listed participating stores!  {Oh you can pin something too for an extra entry!}

I don't know about you all.. but when I get this down time I really like to catch up on work things!  So much easier to do now when I can give up an hour here or an hour there than staying an extra hour after work.  Not to mention the mental exhaustion!  

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday!  


  1. I want to change my writing routine....sometimes it is so hard to get it all in during the day!

    Above is where I pinned!

  3. I want to change not being allowed to read text to my students (sp. ed.) so that they are challenged like the rest of the class. the problem w/ this is that my kids are reading 2 years below grade level so there is no challenge - just frustration.

  4. Here's my pin.

  5. I want to be more organized and better at taking data (right now I take by-weekly data).

  6. I want to change the organization of my class because I will now be team teaching, and that is totally new to me!


  8. I want to keep up with everything!
    My Second Sense


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