Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck the Halls...

It's time friends!!! Time for the HUGE Cyber Monday (&Tuesday) sale at TpT. And Christina Bainbridge has come up with the CUTEST linky party idea. I know I have been slacking with blogging lately, but I just had to join in on this fun one! Check out the playlist below to see some of my favorite "tunes" in my store. Then click the button above to head over to Christina's blog and see everyone else's tunes!

*It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Reading*
Up first- my best seller- comparing and contrasting with nonfiction passages.
There are currently 6 different original nonfiction passages with multiple choice questions for each one, as well as an interview a friend activity that has students comparing and contrasting with their friend. This is regularly priced at $3.50 and will be $2.52 after the sale and using the code CYBER at checkout! And the best part... when I add more passages (I have a few more planned once I get time), you will get the update for FREE even though the price will go up! You can find a little more information about this one here.

*Oh Management, Oh Management*
I am cheating a little bit on this one because I have two that I want to share here. One for you as a blogger and one for your class. So up next, one of my favorite things I have in my classroom this year...  my sound check and noise control chart. 
This is $1.00 regular price.... you can't beat $0.72 cents on a sale day!!! And it really works wonders in my classroom. Here is a blog post where I discuss how I use this in my room. 

And my second management tool is for you, the teacher blogger. It is one of my favorite things I have ever created... my Ultimate Blogging Calendar. 
I could tell you all about this one, but nothing I write will be nearly as good as true reviews from people who have used it and blogged about it (without my knowledge or asking of them to do this!) To find a list of blog reviews (that I am aware of), click this link. You will see a few reviews in there and each post has plenty of pictures! The best part about this one... you pay $5.00 (or $3.60 during the sale) and you get it updated EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR! What a deal! 

*Walking in a Math Wonderland*
My last jam for this post is one of my newest creations and another favorite. My math journal word problems... I have them for addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division. 
Each set has 15 word problems and each question has a regular question and then a "bonus" question. I make my kids do the bonus because it prepares them for 2 step problems. They LOVE them...and I am not just saying that. I tell my kids to get out their little math journals and they cheer! To see how I use them in my class, click here. These are regularly priced at $3.00 each. During the sale you can get them for $2.16 each! If you buy all three, it would be $6.48! You are almost getting the third one for free! 

Be sure to stop by the linky party and see what everyone else is singing about... I know I will be checking out posts to find out what I might need to shop for! 

And don't forget...when checking out on Monday and Tuesday, use the code CYBER for the additional discount. Everything in my store is 20% off and TpT adds the extra discount when you use that code. 

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  1. I absolutely love your Ultimate Blogging Calendar. I did a write-up on in awhile back...Planning Time to Blog.
    Thank you for sharing such an incredible tool. I can't wait to download the updated version!

    Searching for Teacher Balance


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