Sunday, February 16, 2014

Slim Down Saturday... On Sunday!

Ok let's just blame this delay on Valentine's Day weekend. We had been celebrating Valentine's Day since Thursday and I am just now sitting down to get this post taken care of. Sorry!! 

Week 7 of Sim Down Saturday. I am going to be honest here. I am not doing so great. I am not eating bad (with the exception of indulging a bit this weekend) but the working out... just not happening. And because I had quite the Valentine's celebration, I refused to get on the scale this weekend. Next week is another day.

Ultimate goal- lose 25-30 pounds. I want to feel happy with how I look. 

Gain/Loss for this week: I decided not to get on the scale. I enjoyed myself this weekend (I honestly don't think I gained weight) and don't want to stress about it. I will get on Saturday.

Total since starting- Down 5.4 pounds. 

Positives from the week: I did my sit-ups. I only managed 3x and my goal was 5 but I was really sick this week. I fell asleep at 7:30 Thursday. THAT never happens! 

Something to do better: I am running out of creative ways to say I need to work on this water thing. I need to find a big water cup to bring with me to work. The one I have is 20oz and that is not enough. I end up being worried I will drink it all... so then I drink it too slow. And once I get home, I don't want anything else to drink. Maybe the new cup will be my solution... once I find one. 

Goal for this week: I want to do my sit-ups again and add to it taking Payton and the dog for a walk 3x. 

One word: Relax. I chose this one because I got all my planning done for the week by Thursday and intentionally left my school bag in my classroom. I needed this long weekend for me.. not for work. And I am loving every minute of it!

Here is the blank template. 
And the wordle:

I am sorry I am late. Hopefully everyone still sees this and joins in!


  1. Water has been very hard for me, but I have "trained" myself in a sense. I have a 25 minute drive to work, so I make myself drink a bottle of water with breakfast and on my way to work. I take a bottle that I drink with lunch (and I usually have to finish it through the afternoon, but I make sure it is gone by the end of the day). I come home and dream out of my big cup (which is a 20 oz cup so with ice, I end up getting 16 oz of water - up to 6 glasses now) and then I drink my last 2 with dinner usually. Sometimes I will drink something else with dinner and then have the last 2 after dinner. It has really become a routine for me, and I get it all in! Thank you for doing this link up. It is really keeping me accountable!

  2. Hi Gina! I felt guilty about not posting last week and then I didn't get to my computer until today so I was just going to skip it this week too but then I saw that you just posted today so YAY! I posted! Workouts for me are also just not my goal this week is to workout once!!! Have a good week!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

  3. I can completely agree with you! I probably won't even link up this week because I'm doing terrible!! I did manage to squeeze off two tenths of a pound...although I'm not sure how! I will say that just the thought of having to face a Slim Down Saturday has kept me from going off the deep end completely! It's a marathon not a sprint...right? Still trying to convince myself! Good luck this week!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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