Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slim Down Saturday- Week 8

I am back for week 8 of Slim Down Saturday. (I know it is Sunday... I just realized I never published this... and therefore not only am I late, but I am also breaking the one post a day "rule" sorry!!)
I am not doing as good as I had hoped and I know it is my own fault. Something needs to change here friends. The good thing is that I am at least not gaining weight. But I am also not losing like I want to. It is because I need to incorporate some cardio.... our schedule is just so crazy that it is hard for me to fit it in at the right time.

Ultimate goal- lose 25-30 pounds. I want to feel happy with how I look. 

Gain/Loss for this week: Since two weeks ago (remember I didn't get on the scale last week) down .6

Total since starting-  Down 6!

Positives from the week: I got situps in 4x (my goal was 5x but I forgot that), I lost weight, and I went on a walk. I know my goal was 3x but I went on two in one day with the dog... that counts right?

Something to do better: Water and less snacking. The past week I have been snacking too much. No more!

Goal for this week: 150 situps 5x and lose one more pound. I don't usually do a weight loss goal but I am hoping that if I do make one, it will push me more.

One word: Public- I think making this public is really helping me keep going. I am not losing a ton and I know I am not working out like I want to. But I am making progress. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Here is the blank template. 
And the wordle:

Hopefully there are a few people who have posted and want to link up. Sorry this is so late! Things have just been hectic here! 


  1. Six pounds is still six pounds! Keep going! You've got this!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I had issues with snacking this week also! Slow and steady is exactly how I have been. I haven't been working out as much the past couple weeks as I was doing, and I am losing more weight. I am sure it is because of muscle, but it doesn't make me want to keep working out as much. So difficult! Making this public does really help! Thank you for doing this linky. Good luck this week!


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