Monday, September 10, 2012

Addition Properties Freebie

I mentioned in my last post that we are working on addition and properties of addition. I wanted my students to be able to recognize the properties when they see them in addition problems. I know they can tell me what they mean, but I need them to recognize them when shown in problems. So I decided to create a sorting activity for them. I am going to have my students complete it in the book format mentioned in the teacher notes, but there are many ways this can be done.
1. It can be done as a center where students use the header cards and just sort the problems under the correct heading. There is also a mini recording sheet they can use, but it can be done on a sheet of paper if you are trying to save on your ink and copies.
2. It can be done as a group activity, similar to the center idea.
3. It can be done in a way that students fold a sheet of paper into 4 boxes and label one box the title (addition properties) and the other 3 boxes each with a property. They cut the cards apart and glue them into the correct box.
4. Or the way I am doing it- they will fold a sheet of paper hamburger style so it looks like a book. The cover will be titled addition properties. Each of the inside pages and the back will be labeled with a property. The cards will be cut up and pasted onto the correct pages.

Either way you do it, kids will enjoy it, learn from it, and you can assess with it! In fact, I just thought of another way you could use this. You could use it whole class on the board if you didn't want to use it as an assessment tool. Once my students complete it I plan to come back and post some pictures!

Grab your copy here! And if you use it, please rate it :) My store is just getting up and running and I appreciate everyone who has bought something from me. I have a goal amount in my head and once I make that amount I think I will have a giveaway!

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  1. This is a great idea! My class is currently working on addition properties and we are going to do this! Thanks for posting this!!


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