Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Working Wednesday

Last week I mentioned that my few readers should start thinking of things they wanted to share that have been working for them. I am attempting to do a link up but I am not really sure what I am doing, so if this doesn't work, forgive me. If you have something that is working well for you (whether it is new or tried and true), share it. You never know who you might help! If I did this right, this should be available for two weeks. If not... well I will try to figure it out. If it doesn't work PLEASE let me know :)

So what has been working for me?

1. The highlight your name step in turning in papers. I have had MAYBE a handful of papers without a name. Last year, I would have a good handful each time an assignment was turned in. No matter how many times I would say PUT YOUR NAME ON IT! But this year... this highlighting your name thing is fantastic!

2. The incomplete work folder/bucket and late work bucket. I know the folder says "While You Were Out" but after my first year doing this,  I quickly decided that these need to be incomplete folders. I will probably be making a new set after this year because a few kids have written on them. But they lasted 5 years and aren't ruined other than 3 people having drawn on them at one point or another. Any time students don't finish an assignment, they put it in this folder and the entire folder goes in the incomplete work bucket. Each folder has a number on it to match their class numbers. (I have a hanging file thing that these are all stored in when they are empty but I forgot to take a picture of that.) If someone is absent we put all their work in here for them. When students have free time, they grab their folder and work on their incomplete work. When they finish something from their folder, it goes in the late work bucket. So much easier than me trying to keep track of who is missing something. When all work from their folder is done and turned in, they put their folder back in the hanging wall organizers. I love it!

3. Turning in work drawers- I can't remember if this is my second or third year doing this but it is the perfect method for me. Instead of wasting time collecting papers, students simply go to the shelf, highlight their name on their paper, put the paper in the correct drawer, and then cross their name off the assignment list. Any time we have an assignment, I take a pre-typed class list (I type 5 to a sheet and run about 40 copies... lasts a long time) and write the assignment on the bottom. The slip then goes in the drawer for that subject. Students cross their name off the list when it is turned it. I then use these slips to record grades as I grade the papers until I transfer them to my grade book. It is also easy for me to see who is missing something because their name isn't crossed off.

So what is working for you? Link up and share! And urge others to link up! You never know when you will find something that just may work for you!

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