Monday, December 10, 2012

Gobble Gobble... in December?!

No we aren't still doing Thanksgiving activities in December. But I have been so behind on everything that I am going to share with out what we did in November! If you recall, a while back- a long while back, I posted about my Turkey Treats writing and craftivity. My students LOVE doing these writing assignments because they get to make something edible first. The first time we did this was using Nicole Shelby's Owl S'mores (which if you haven't checked that out, it is a MUST have). After I saw how motivated they were to write, I decided to create one for November. I got right to work and created a Turkey Treat writing. Now- the actual turkey treat I did not come up with. I found it...where else... pinterest.

So to start this lesson, we completed a mystery box activity. We were working on inferencing this week, so I figured this would be a fun way to start. In the box I had a little bag with some Oreos, a whopper, and some candy corn. Students first made guesses with NO clues to what could be in the box. (I'm sorry I thought I had pictures of this but I can't find them.) Then I passed out one of four clues to each student. They had to make a group so that their group had all 4 clues. They copied the clues down and then tried to infer what was in the box. They actually had some good guesses based on the clues. When I told them what we were doing they were ecstatic!

So we made some Turkey Treats.

And then we spent the rest of the week writing. I worked with my struggling writers to help them really grasp the concept of writing sentences in logical order and not just listing things. Pull.My.Hair.Out...

In these pics above they were working with groups to try and write out the steps in order before writing a paragraph. Shortly after they started this, I pulled a few kids to work with me on it.

But the end result was super cute anyways!

And I just want to give a huge shout out to my friend Tara at ...and they all fall down... Last night we were having a discussion about to do lists.. if you know me, you know I have many of them...all over the place. And if I lose one...look out because I will be a one woman wrecking crew until I find it. Well you see this post is almost a month late... because I just had no way to keep track of what blog posts I wanted to do and when. And then I would forget. So she whipped up this snazzy little thing and I am in my glory!
Don't mind my blurred out writing.. I don't want to spoil any surprises.

And she also found ANOTHER phenomenal list of to do lists for me to choose from. And choose I did. This page is second in my stapled pack and is what I am going to be using each week for my school to do list.
Don't get excited for me that there isn't anything written. I just haven't written on it yet because I am in denial that I have anything to do this week!
And this last page is where I am just going to keep a running list of ideas for blogs that I may not get to this week but want to put on next week's to blog about list. And this page will just be taken out of this packet and stapled into next week's packet.

Tara- you rock! Thanks for all your help! last thing... if you are looking for a bargain or something to get you through the last few dragging days of school...check out this linky at Classroom Confections where you will find plenty of items for $1.99 or under. Items that are normally priced higher than $1.99 in this link up are subject to go back to normal pricing after 12/13. So don't waste time! And if you are a seller on TpT, link up as well :)

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  1. Yay! I'm OCD like that! haha! I love the new design! super cute!

  2. Love the turkeys! Thanks for the link to the freebie! Cute paper is always a plus for keeping a lists!!

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