Friday, December 7, 2012

The day the lights went out in 298B

Ok... the lights didn't really go out in my trailer class. But what did go out was my pencil sharpener. I swear I have a pencil sharpener curse. The MINUTE I let a student use it, without fail, it is dead as a doornail. After buying THREE sharpeners my first year, I finally said, that's it. It is staying at home. And I lugged my pencils home every weekend to sharpen. I finally got brave and brought my sharpener in the classroom this year, but still didn't let the kids use it. Well... I was in a bind and asked my smartest, most responsible, reliable student to sharpen. Sure enough, that thing died. I think she felt terrible. And I almost cried.

But... then I remembered about the sharpener that EVERY teacher raves about.
At first, I was really skeptical. Really?! You want me to HAND crank a sharpener to sharpen umpteen million pencils a week. No... I can't do it. And I was finally ready to bite the bullet and try it (because the lights went out on my sharpener's life) when I found out I was eligible to review one. I jumped at this opportunity and received my sharpener yesterday. I went right over to my parents' house (it was delivered there) to pick it up. It doesn't come with directions, but it is extremely simple to use and if you can't figure it out, this page of pictures and videos will help. I was so excited that when my mom stopped over, I brought it outside to show her. Yes, I was sharpening pencils on the sidewalk. And then... when my husband came home from work, I ran upstairs and got 2 packages of pencils that had never been sharpened and showed him how cool it was. And made him try it. He admits it is pretty cool... but holds to the fact that I am a nerd.

Not only is this thing quiet, but for a hand crank sharpener it is super easy. I showed my kids today and their first question was "does your arm get tired using that thing?!" Then they were all oohing and aaahhing over how cool it was when I showed them how to use it. And so ok, it is quiet, it is easy, it doesn't hurt your arm. What else can be so great about it?

Um how about these tips?!

Need I say more? If you want one, check out Classroom Friendly Supplies by clicking the image below. I am considering buying one for our house in the near future as well! So what are you waiting for? Go check them out! I promise you won't regret the money on this one! I got the one in black, but they are also available in red, green, and blue.



  1. I only need 11 more followers to reach 100...then I'll try to do a review!!

  2. I bought one at the beginning of the year and I love it! But I don't let my students use it. They get to use the one on the wall ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. I have some money to spend at school by Monday...I am going to buy one of these finally!!!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  4. How can I review one??? Tell me !!! I NEED one of these like OXYGEN!

  5. I love this sharpener! I am about 80 followers away from being able to review one! Can't wait!

    Christina :)
    Check out my blog!
    Apples, Books, and Crayons


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