Saturday, December 15, 2012

No words

I had a blog post planned for today, but in light of the recent tragic events, I just don't feel now is the time to share. I will save it for next week. Thinking about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, I can not fathom being one of the teachers there that had to be brave for the sake of their students, when deep down I am sure they were as scared as the little ones. I try to think of what I would do in these situations (and my kids have asked me during lockdown drills) and it is scary to think that such things are not just practice, and that people have had to use what they knew to protect kids at school. A place where kids should feel safe at all times. And those 20 sets of parents who sent their kid to school like a normal day, I just can not fathom. My prayers are with this entire community. Please join me (and many other teacher bloggers) in a day of silence tomorrow, December 16, by ONLY posting the picture below and titling the post Silence for Sandy Hook.


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