Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Common Core Organization

My goal this summer (and every summer it seams) is to get better organized. I started with Science last summer and was doing pretty good until I lost steam at the end of June. This summer I really want to get RLA and Math taken care of. I decided I wanted to use binders because I am better with them. I never file things in the file folders and I often lose the files. I can't tell you how many times I have lost file folders full of papers. So with that said, I decided to start figuring out just HOW I was going to organize all this stuff that I have.

I decided that since we are switching to the CCSS next year, I would organize by standard. But I didn't want just a plain boring sheet of paper divider in my binders. I needed it to be cute. So came my Third Grade Common Core RLA Organization Set.

Included are options for labeling file folders or dividing binders. I put both because I know people have different preferences. Or if you are anything like me you try one method then change your mind. This way you get the best of both worlds, ya know, in case you want to do both, change your mind, or have other ideas.

I color coded each strand so everything matches by strand. For each strand I have included:

A cover page- you can use these as dividers or binder covers if you plan to use small binders for each strand.

Small labels with the standard and I can statements (separate). These can be used to label file folders or dividers as seen in the photos below.

And large size standard and I can statements combined. I am using these for my section dividers in my binders. I realized that they could also be used to display in your class what you are teaching.

 It is over 120 pages of organization. I have it priced at $8.00 but for now it is going to be on sale for $6.00. I will probably take the sale off in a couple days so if you think this is something you can use grab it up now. I plan to make third grade math as well as making them for other grades as well.

Clicking any of the pictures will take you to the listing. Be sure to check out my Facebook page in the next couple days for a pin it to win it for this item.


  1. I super duper love your Common Core organizers! It is great to start getting organized before the last days of school...or worse over the summer.....or even worse- the few days before the new school year starts. I am going to rush over now to snap up a set for myself.

    I am a new blogger so pop over and take a peek at what is happening in Room 217


  2. Super organized an super cute, too! I used to do everything in binders and got away from that....just to get them back out again...because they work!!

    Fun in Room 4B


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