Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Working Wednesday

Last week for my What's Working post I shared some reading fluency ideas. This week for my What's Working Wednesday post I want to share something with you that relates to math fact fluency. My kids just have NO motivation to learn their multiplication facts. That is..until I found the most amazing resource. I knew I needed something to motivate them to learn their facts and I thought of the idea to do something with bubblegum. What kid doesn't love bubblegum?! And then... luckily for me and my lack of time, Chrissy and Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade already had something created. I snagged it up and went to town preparing my copies.
The first thing I did was copy all the pages for the students flash cards, tests, and bubble gum machines. I copied them onto white paper and originally had them coloring the flash cards in. I decided today that I would have them just outline the cards in the color of the week.

Then I explained the concept to the kids and gave them all their machines to color any way they wanted.

And then we got to it. Each Friday the kids test on whatever facts THEY are on. It is easy to see who is on what number because of the gum balls in their machines. If they get a 100, they get a gum ball to color and glue to their machine AND a gum ball to chew in class the rest of the day. If they don't get a 100 they have to write the ones they missed 10x each and get it signed by a parent. They take that test the following week again until they get a 100. Everyone then gets the next set of flash cards (even if they aren't on that fact yet- it is easier to organize this way) and we go through the products together and they work on cutting them out.

I made myself a folder to keep everything together.

On the left I have all the extra copies of the tests we have already done. This way they aren't taking up space in my weekly drawers but I still have them for the kids who didn't make a 100. On the right I have the original copies as well as the color coding sheet.

My kids love it and they want that gum ball so bad they are studying their facts!
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  1. Gum! My kids love gum. We have been using a different program to practice our math facts, but I like this one so much better. I'm heading over to Fluttering to First Grade right now. Thanks for sharing.

    Third Grade Galore


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