Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lie revealed

Last weekend I linked up with Mrs. Reed and shared 2 truths and a lie. It is time to reveal the truths and the lie... 

1. My husband and I met online- This was the lie. We didn't meet online. We met when we were both pledging fraternity and sorority in college. We both ended up depledging and never saw each other again. Until about 3 months later we randomly found each other on myspace and started talking again. So NO we didn't meet online, we just reconnected online. Here is a picture from when we were dating...

2. In the span of 5 weeks, I once spent 3 of them in Disney. Yep I did. In early 2009 my husband and I planned our honeymoon to Jamaica. And so when an amazing deal came out for summer my best friend and I booked a trip to go down to Disney for a week for my bachelorette celebration. (This trip was scheduled for about 3 weeks before my wedding.) Then my husband and I decided that the deal was so good we could spend 2 weeks in Disney for less than our 5 days in Jamaica (and we do LOVE Disney). So we canceled our Jamaica plans and booked two amazing weeks in Disney. So I went for a week in the first week of June and then we went for two weeks starting June 29. It was the most amazing time ever!
Two pics from our bachelorette trip...

And some pics from our amazing honeymoon...

We were in the parade at the Animal Kingdom. It was AMAZING

3. I am terrified of birds and all living things that fly. This is as serious as ever. I run if a bird is close, and if a bird is in my path, I walk another way. Or if I am with someone I make them go first so the bird flies away. My students bring ladybugs to show me, and I make them go away. TERRIFIED. NO JOKE! Obviously I have no pictures here because I won't ever be close enough to take one. 

So, I said that I would pick a winner to receive a product of their choice from the people who guessed correctly. 4 people guessed correctly so I put 1-4 in and the number chosen was 1. So congratulations Karyn! Email me at thirdgradetidbitsATgmailDOTcom to let me know what item you would like!

Now, I have another set of winners to announce! Jenn and my giveaway has ended and rafflecopter has chosen two winners to receive our four products!! Lisa M and Susan S you will be hearing from each of us soon! (Jenn is currently in the process of moving, so she will try to get in touch soon!)

Thank you to everyone who entered and welcome to all my new followers! I am 44 people away from 300 followers and that is just amazing to me! I have something pretty fun planned for when I get there!

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  1. All your Disney pictures make me want to take a quick road trip! I loved the two truths and a lie - such fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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