Saturday, March 2, 2013

Well hello March!

March already huh?! How did that happen? Not that I am complaining believe me. 5 more days til Spring Break! (But then... the rest of the year is going to d..r..a..g.) Since it is is time for Farley's Currently! I love these and if you haven't joined in you are really missing out!

Listening is pretty self explanatory... Payton likes to watch "Mimmie" before bed. 
Loving... I am using my Facebook fan page a little more now and just started doing shout outs. What? You didn't know I had a fan page? Well I do (and I would tell you to just look at my side bar to find the link, but my sidebar seems to have decided it is a bottom bar, so instead you can click HERE to become a fan). 
Thinking- Payton is seriously the cutest kid ever. She is currently walking around with a little tote bag as a hat. 
Wanting- nothing, I am very happy. I even got some new pens today (Oh...that reminds me I guess I DO want something... I decided today I wanted the Erin Condren planner- yes 2 days after the coupon ended. I stopped a woman in the pen aisle who had one and I fell in love). 
Needing- well this is simple. If I don't get it done, I can't use it in my lessons this week. And that won't be good. 
Like- going shopping (sometimes), LOVE gadgets...more than I like clothes and shoes (and about a tie with how much I love new pens), and hate (this was answered by my husband) getting gas. I absolutely hate stopping to get gas. I will 99% of the time leave the car of him when it needs gas. I have stopped for gas I think once in the past 3 years. 

I promise you I have an amazing post all ready for you, but I posted it on my iPad from an app that is currently not letting me post :( 

Back to work I go. 


  1. My girls LOVE Mickey too!!! And.... I just realized all the Mickey's on your blog design!!! LOVE!!!!! :) We are STILL watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas! :) I need to get to work too! :) Good luck this week!


  2. LOVE your blog design! I have been contemplating a fan page for my blog, but just haven't bit the bullet yet.


  3. We both should have put that we were needing to live in the same city with as much as we text!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  4. I totally missed the part about using your first initial in the like/love/hate box! I have Gg too- love what you put there! Lucky you to have a husband who will fill that tank for you!


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