Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comparing, Contrasting, and Nonfiction OH MY

Comparing and contrasting--- it is a pretty simple skill for most kids. When it comes to comparing and contrasting on a Venn Diagram. But standardized tests make them take it further with answering multiple choice questions (even though this should be just as simple). I needed some fresh ideas for comparing and contrasting to do with my class. And so came my newest product (finally! something new!)- Comparing and Contrasting with Nonfiction Texts. There are 6 different original texts (written by yours truly) and each passages has 4 multiple choice questions to go with it. (I plan to add more passages at some point over the summer, but I needed these this week so I had to get them done.)

Here are my passages getting ready to be laminated. There are a lot of ways you can use these, and I have had other teachers tell me that they would use them for an entire week or two of lessons for their students. I chose to use them for one day and give each group of 3-4 students a different story. So I laminated them for durability. 

Yesterday we reviewed what comparing and contrasting was and made a quick Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day (I forgot to get a picture of this). Then students split up and were given a passage. 

I pulled one group of students with me to give them a little more of a challenge. We have never created a Double Bubble map but I thought these students were ready for it. So I brought them back to the table, showed them an example, and we went to it together. This same group of students will create a Double Bubble tomorrow when they compare and contrast themselves with a partner (there are interview questions included in this unit for students to interview and then compare and contrast a partner). 

The other groups of students worked to create a Venn Diagram and then answered their multiple choice questions on the back.

If you are interested in looking at this, click the preview image below and it will take you to the listing on TpT. 

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  1. I just put those on my wishlist and will be using them next year when I teach 3rd grade :) THANKS!!



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