Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sit back, relax, and put your feet up...

Because that is what I am finally doing! After a whirlwind week traveling last week and fearing what would happen in my class without me on the first week of school, and then treating this week as the real first week... I am finally sitting down relaxing... for a minute. Today is the first day I feel like I can breathe. My students rocked out their lessons today and yesterday and I was just amazed at how smart they already are. I am giving out smart beads left and right! And I only give them out for really thinking outside the box or getting a hard answer right! I love love love my class this year! We have a few minor issues (a couple chatty patties) but nothing awful. And so... sing I am finally sitting down breathing... how about a view of my classroom. Now, forgive me if it is a disaster. But as you know, once students come in, that cuteness is a disaster sometimes. And I took the pictures today while students were in the midst of working on their Easy Peasy game (post to come later with those pictures) so there are kids and things all over the place. Now remember... I am in a trailer portable.
My desk area and white board which is the side of my class I guess.
Going around the room, my IB board, centers, turn in work area, computers, writing center

Smart board- front of room, word wall

Remainder of room
Nothing too fancy... but it is good enough for me for now.

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