Saturday, November 3, 2012

November- currently, thankful, and a giveaway!

Yay November! This school year is flying by- which makes me sad because it typically happens that if you have a REALLLY GOOD class this year... next year's will make you crazy and I am so not ready for another year of crazy. I know I know that is many months away, but I can't help but be sad thinking about these kids leaving me. I even thought about asking to loop with them, but no part of me wants to teach 4th grade or start all over with new curriculum again.

But a new month means a new Currently with Farley at Oh, Boy 4th Grade.  I love these link ups! It gives me something different to blog about and a chance to find new bloggers to follow! So... without further ado... November Currently...
These are all pretty much self explanatory. My to do lists run my life. If I lose one, I almost end up in a panic attack. In fact I just texted my husband the other day because I was at work and couldn't find mine. He knows this is a huge crisis to me. Needing- seriously Mother Nature. I wake up in the morning and it is 40 degrees. So I get dressed... and roast by the time lunch is over because it is hot again. And we can't turn our air back on in the trailer because it smells awful now that the heat has been on, and we all end up choking.

Music- when we are having quiet time or writing time I have both of those cds in my iTunes library. They calm me down (I love anything Disney) and the kids are used to hearing it. Both are instrumental.

And Stories by Storie is having a Thankful link up (I just got this to work- finally!). I thought this was cute and fitting with the stress that comes around this time of year!

And for my giveaway... I set a (small) personal goal for myself. And decided that once I made that goal, I would giveaway a copy of my Turkey Treats activity. I made that goal and am now giving away a copy! (And once I reach 25 followers on TpT, I will giveaway another copy.) Who doesn't love something for free? I know all teachers love FREE! So why not enter?

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  1. I am glad you have such a great class - it's awesome when that happens! And Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    Krazy Town

  2. I know what you mean about loving your class and then the next year they are crazy..... I am on the crazy year this year.

  3. It's so wonderful to have a great makes life so much easier! I agree with you about the weather--it doesn't matter which, I just want consistency. I'm your newest follower too!

  4. I found you through Stories by Storie.

    Amen to this years class being better than last years! I swear I ended too many days in tears last year. Not so much this year. I just started following you on TpT.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up! I am following your blog now :) I love your #10 - our two dogs have a selective love for our little girl. They love her when food is involved and don't want her anywhere close when they are trying to sleep! Good luck with your giveaway :)
    Stories by Storie

  6. We're falling back tonight, so you can get one more hour in the day! Ha!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  7. I just found your blog through Storie's linky and am your newest follower!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late


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