Thursday, November 1, 2012

Turkey Treats Writing

I am excited to share with you something that I am very proud of. I want to first thank Nicole Shelby for helping me out in all kinds of ways. I posted last month about my class making her Owl S'mores and loving every minute of it. They didn't even mind the writing part. It was then that I decided I needed to do something like this every month. And so I give you my Turkey Treats writing craftivity.

Students will make a turkey treat using Oreo double stuffed cookies, candy corn (I know you have a ton leftover and if not... hit the stores while it is on sale from Halloween!), Whoppers (again, after Halloween sales), and some icing/gel. I used nonpareils for his  eyes because I didn't have the right color icing. I just used some cupcake gel to stick the eyes and candy corn onto the Whopper.

After they make the treat, students will write about it. My students will be writing an informative "how to" piece. Included in the file are primary and intermediate planning pages and writing papers. There are sequence pages and bubble maps. The sequence pages help students to write the how to piece, while the bubble map can be used to write a descriptive piece. I have included ideas for differentiation in the teacher notes section of this file as well.

Want to use it as a bulletin board? I have the cute factor covered as well. I included pieces and directions to make a turkey craft to match the treat. Glue the writing onto fall colored paper and put the turkeys near their writing. Instant bulletin board. (I like to glue the crafts onto the top corners of the colored paper, just to make it look cuter.) If you want to check it out please click any of the pictures above or this link.

I can not wait to have my class do this. (As you can see, I had my one year old test it out for me... she had a blast.)

Psst... I have two goals that I am trying to make... 25 followers on TpT and a total earnings. I am soooo close to both that once I reach them I will give away a copy of this- once for each goal made! Help me out please?

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