Friday, November 2, 2012

November is here... are you ready?

Well... are you? Because until yesterday I wasn't! How did November get here so darn fast? I swear we just started school. And once I realized (on Monday) that November was coming, I knew I had to get literacy centers ready. Now let me be honest. I have NEVER been a fan of centers. Ever. Small groups and me... we just don't get along. I haven't figured it out/mastered it yet, and it drives me crazy. I still don't implement small groups the way most people do, but instead I pull groups at different times for different reasons. My goal is to start doing groups after winter break.

So why did I decide to create literacy centers? Because my kids love the little bit of center activity they do get. I decided that if nothing else, for now I can let them work on them on Fridays/when they finish their classwork. My plan was to make centers for both skills that they struggle with as well as things we don't really practice as often as we should.
So what is included in this fantastic pack of centers might you ask?
 Fall Into ABC order. My kids rarely practice this unless it is an activity they choose on their spelling tic-tac-toe. Bad teacher moment for me, but at third grade, they KNOW the skill so I tend to forget to review it. But it haunts me, believe me. This way they will at least get some practice with it. Students will sort the cards into ABC order and then record their answers on the included recording sheets. I have included both intermediate and primary lined paper.

 Birds of a Feather Common and Proper Nouns- students will match the feathers with nouns on them onto the correct turkey and again record their answers onto their recording sheet.
Serving up Possessive Noun Pie- students will match the possessive form of the phrase to the sentence it goes with. They then need to write them on the recording sheet (I am all about student accountability).

 Switched up Synonyms-Students will match the tops of the acorns to the bottoms with the synonym. Again- recording sheet.

 Acorn Antonyms- same as the synonyms, but with antonyms.

 Feast of Facts and Opinions- we just introduced this skill and I know I often have kids that struggle with it because they think that if it is not true that it is then an opinion. So students will sort the food onto the correct plate (I suggest getting cute fall themed paper plates to make this center cuter) and then record their answers. They will also come up with their own opinion sentence.

I included teacher tips on each activity as well as answer keys. I put my center activities in plain folders. I used to do file folders and just today (because our grocery store had folders super cheap and I am running low on file folders) I decided to go back to regular folders. I will put the title of the game on the front of the folder. I will put the pieces inside a ziploc bag and staple the bag inside the folder. Then in one of the pockets I will keep the recording sheets. Students will turn their sheets into a designated bucket (this part I haven't figured out yet).

So- if you need some literacy centers for November, please check these out. There are 6 complete centers plus a "Just for Fun" activity (how many words can you make from Happy Thanksgiving?). If you click on the first picture it will take you to the listing on TpT or this link. I didn't link all the pictures because I want to allow my readers to enlarge and see what is included.

And I am just 5 followers away on my TpT store until I will give a copy of my Turkey Treats away!

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