Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's in Your Wishlist?

I am linking up with Shuna over at Pocket Full of Kinders to show you what is in my wish list for the big Cyber Monday Sale. But I am not showing you my wish list... because that would be well over 300 items. I use my wish list more as a memory of what I might want to use at some point. Instead I am going to show you what is already in my cart and ready to be bought tomorrow.

First up...
From Amber at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher. I have some of her other foldables and love them. And we are just starting our big map skills unit so these will be perfect!

Next... Tacky Holiday Sweater Fashion Show Writing Activity from Nicole Shelby. I can't get a picture of this one to work, but if you click the link, you will want this too. I don't even NEED it. Nor do I know if I will manage to get to it before winter break. But I love it and want it. And her stuff is never a let down!

Then we have...
From Tracy. My kids struggle all the time with main idea. And being able to implement nonfiction reading with the skill is just perfect!

Next up
We are working on generalizations this week (YUCK) and I will be using these as an assessment tool. My kids love task cards and don't even realize I am testing them. I have my kids sitting in groups so we don't exactly SCOOT but that is what we say we are doing because we scoot the cards around. Though this time I am thinking of hanging the cards around the room and letting kids travel around to each card, just to make it more fun for them. 

And finally (saved the biggest for last...)
from Hope King. I love her things. Absolutely love them. And I need a way to motivate my kids to do some authentic reading. This has a TON of stuff in it.

Are you ready for the sale? What's in your cart/wish list? Link up and share!

And I promise promise promise to thank each and every one of you who have nominated me for the Liebster Award. Just as soon as I get lesson plans done and papers graded... which make take me clear into the middle of the week. But just know that I am NOT ignoring you lovely bloggers :) I am just a slacker and have a bag full of papers to prove it!


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