Thursday, June 13, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 2- Immersion

I am back with a little blurb on Chapter 2. Are you loving this book as much as I did? Chapter 2 was all about Immersion. And it was a short chapter. Dave starts off the chapter saying "You're about to learn the #1, top secret way to become a dramatically better lover!"

Well, while he doesn't exactly teach us that tidbit, he does grab attention doesn't he?

This chapter makes perfect and simple sense- you have to fully BE with your students. Simple enough right? Students can tell when we aren't "all there". I know my students can ALWAYS tell. If I am sick and just not all there, they know within the first 10 minutes of the day. And I know that I am not doing my best if I am not all there, whether it be from being sick or just stressed about something happening at home or otherwise.

I think this man needs to present to the education law makers... especially when he said this... "At some point in your career you have to decide if you care more about teaching to tests or teaching kids.... Don't let the current overemphasis on standardized test scores lead to the loss of the teachable moment." 

To read more insight on this chapter and join in on the discussion, go to Marie's blog...

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  1. I love that we both used the same quote...this man is a powerful writer and just puts things simple. I love that! :) Thanks for this summer book study. I'm LOVING this book, and honestly, wouldn't have read it if we hadn't done this book study! Thank you~!


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