Monday, October 8, 2012

Common and Proper candy jars Freebie #2

The second thing I will be offering for free for two days only is a common a proper noun sorting activity with a Halloween theme. My students understood the concept of common and proper nouns but then when they took their test they seemed to be really confused. They thought things like "owls" were proper nouns because it named a type of bird. So we will be reviewing common and proper this week and decided to make a fun activity for them. And since I made my goal in sales last quarter, it will be free for two days and then it will be priced at $1.00. Grab it while you can!
I will be having my students work on this with partners but I could also see this being a fun center activity. If I had the time I would probably get some cheap candy jars, decorate them with all different candy clipart and label them common and proper. I would laminate the printed candies and have them put them in the correct jar. For recording purposes I would just print the paper candy jars and have them write their answers. Another thing that I think would be cute would be to get the plastic candy that people use as decorations (think Christmas candy decorations) and use a permanent marker to write the words on the candy. They could sort those instead of paper candies... oh the possibilities... if we had time! I will be sure to take pictures while my kids work on this one. If you download it while it is free, please leave feedback :)

Stay tuned for freebie #3...


  1. This is super fun! Thanks for sharing, Gina! I will use this next week in my stations because we just learned about nouns last week! This will be a great review!

    Yay Third Grade

  2. I hope you like it! We are doing it tomorrow but not as a station (I still haven't mastered the whole small groups/stations thing....someday). I would love if you could leave some feedback on it before I change the price on it :)

  3. I LOVE this! Thank you so much...I'm teaching this later this week! Can't wait to use it.
    Third Grade All Stars


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