Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing Calendars

I was really busy this weekend getting my writing calendars up for November and December. I created one for November that has two calendars (one with numbers that match this year's dates and one without numbers). For December, since most people are out quite a bit of Dec, I just created one calendar without numbers. I also bundled the October, November, and December calendars into one for a discounted price. Click the pictures to take you to the links of the items.

$1.50 for November


$1.00 for December since there is only 1 calendar

$2.50 for the bundle

Since I do different writing activities weekly with my kids, I plan to use these in my writing center. I will put them in a sheet protector and leave a dry erase marker nearby and students can put their number in the box of the prompt that they do (I will be using the blank calendars). Another idea that just popped into my head is to laminate this and tape it onto a class journal cover and allow students to pick a prompt from the calendar for that journal... hmm... things to think about. Anyways- if you are in need of some writing calendars/prompts, please check them out. I included other ideas for how to use them in the packet.

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