Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Currently

I am finally linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for October's currently. I am just a few days late...

Listening- to the same Mickey Mouse episode we have seen all week! You would think they could have made more than 2 Halloween related episodes. Pretty soon my 1 year old is going to be able to act out the parts!

Loving- I finally got to wear comfy pants and a hoodie yesterday! I swear I would be the happiest person in the world if I could dress like that for work every day.

Thinking- I have about 3 hours before our friends get here and I am sitting here blogging instead of straightening up and getting things ready.

Wanting- I am reading the High Heel murder mystery series by Gemma Halliday. I am on book 5 of what I thought was a six book series but just found out book 7 will be out around Christmas time. And she also has a few novellas that go with the series. The books are hysterical.

Needing- easy enough to understand- more sleep. Especially since our daughter has been waking up super early (read 4am) and coming in our room.

Book- I am a slacker and don't have any favorite fall/halloween/oct books that I read aloud. I have lots that we read to our daughter but none for my class. I am going to have to look at everyone else's currently and make a list!

Go link up and join the fun!
Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my daughter's absolute favorite show! We are actually doing that theme for her 2nd birthday party. I am your newest follower!! :)

  2. Amen to MMCH needed more than 2 Halloween episodes! My 3-year old can't get enough . It's really bad when I walk around singing Hot Dog, Hot Dog Hot, Diggity Dog...
    I am your newest follower!
    Kickin' It With Class

  3. We are a big Disney family so of course Disney jr is the best thing ever... but goodness these same episodes kill me! And I only see them twice a week at most! I think they showed the same two episodes all weekend because any time we had it on, that is what was on!

  4. Ohhh - I love the thought of wearing comfy clothes to school. I could get so much more done - I am certain of it! If only they would let me prove it. :)

    So excited to start following you!

  5. Hi Gina! You guessed my favorite team! So I need you to email me at!

  6. You're listening to MM Clubhouse and my TV is stuck on Peppa Pig! Oh the sacrifices we make as mommies. But, I wouldn't change a thing! And I know you wouldn't either.

    Surviving Sixth Grade

  7. You are right Carla... I wouldn't change a thing. It is funny because even after she is in bed or not even paying attention to the tv (9 times out of 10 it is just on as background noise for her) I still leave it on because I am so used to it. By the time I realize I could have caught up on my DVR I am already ready for bed haha


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