Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Writing Calendar Freebie #3

Here is my final two day freebie. It is an October writing calendar. I have included two versions of the calendar. One version has the 2012 dates on it and the other has no dates. You could use the blank one in so many ways. It could be stapled into student journals to give them prompts for the month. It could be laminated/put in a sheet protector and put in a writing center. It can be used as daily morning work/homework. I think it would work well for students to choose their own writing assignment and then color in the box as they finish it, making sure they don't do the same prompt more than once. I wish I would have had this ready before now, but things can be pretty hectic, as you all know. Better late than never.

Grab it while you can. It will be listed for $1.50 after the two day freebie run!

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