Friday, October 26, 2012

It finally feels like fall!

I am so glad that it finally feels like fall! So happy that I plan to relax tonight in comfy pants and a hoodie with my blanket and nook! (Anyone else LOVE hoodie weather?!) Anyways... I am so excited that it feels like fall and that we have a lot of fun Halloween related events happening with our daughter from now until Halloween that I decided to put all of my Halloween items on sale until the 30th. The sale will start tomorrow and end the 30th. I am putting them at 15% off since my prices on these things are already pretty low anyways. I hope this helps someone with some last minute sanity savers for the week of Halloween. The items on sale are:
October writing calendar
October-December writing calendar (I know only 1 of the 3 are Halloween ish but that's ok)
I Need My Monster descriptive writing (my kids just did this and had a blast- unfortunately I have had such a bad week I didn't get into it and take pics)
Fall Grammar Mini Pack
Common and Proper Noun Candy Jars
Falling For Sentence Types (again, I know not Halloween but there are some sentences about Halloween so I figured why not?!)

And I have a goal dollar amount in my head again and when I reach that I will giveaway my newest item (that I haven't even posted about yet but if you want to see what it is... click here- a post will be coming soon). And if I get to 25 followers on TpT (or whenever I do) I will giveaway another copy of it!

I promise I will be back with some posts of substance as soon as I finish this book :)

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