Friday, February 1, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

No?... it's ok. Me either. I do love football. But my team hasn't made it into the Super Bowl in a looooong time. In fact, we haven't even touched the playoffs with a 10foot pole since 2000! Can we say pitiful?

But we will be watching the Super Bowl. Because it's what we do. :) And our daughter LOVES football. In fact, she has been saying football for a looong time (i'm talking it is right up there with mama and dada) and will do "touchdown" for you. (She also knows hockey now... yes she is a Buffalo girl at heart.)

Even more exciting... I (along with MANY other sellers) will be participating in the HUGE TpT sale where you can get up to 28% off your purchase on Super Bowl Sunday ONLY. If you love a good sale (and let's be real- who DOESN'T love a sale?!) check out my store and the many others participating in the sale.

I know I will be shopping! (Just make sure to enter the code SUPER before you checkout!)

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