Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Computer management

I want to share a quick classroom management tip for everyone that has to do with computer rotations. I teach in a portable and only have 2 1 student computer and a lot of district mandated programs. I have been trying for the past 3 years to come up with a method that will help me manage who was supposed to be on the computer without involving too much thought, time, or interruption. I tried a chart where students put an X when they finished their session, I tried a schedule...neither of those things worked.

This summer I finally figured out what to do. I got a pocket chart from the Target dollar spot and made cards with numbers 1-25 on them. Each of my students is assigned a number at the beginning of this year and they use it for everything (but if you don't use numbers you could easily make cards with students' names on them). The cards are then placed in my pocket chart with the numbers showing (in random order). Students come in and if their number is next up, they log onto the computer, do one session, and flip their card over when they finish. It helps to see when everyone has had a chance to be on the computer for the week and I don't have to do anything to keep track. Even if we don't go in order (as you can see, we don't always), students still know to flip their card so we can take a quick glance and see if they have completed their session for the week.

You can see we went out of order this week. Whoever came in first just hopped on the computer.
Typically my students only get on this program in the morning so if someone's card is showing and they are late or not here, I move on to the next card. If students finish their work early and want to get on the computer they have to do one session first then they can get on an approved site. This chart helps me know who is able to have free time on the computers and who still needs their session for the week.


  1. Thanks Jennifer! It probably isn't anything mind blowing but to me it clearly was since it took 3 years to figure it out haha!


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