Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My kids can do magic... And another giveaway!

OK so maybe they aren't doing magic that is going to land them on TV or going to get them into any books. And what they are doing isn't even a magic trick. But what they ARE doing is Magic Squares.

What?! Never heard of them?! You are sure missing out! I was introduced to Heather's Magic Squares a couple months ago and recently was able to test out the Fraction Magic Squares. I knew that this would be a perfect math activity for my early finishers. I have a couple kids who are just really good at math and need something that is a little more challenging for them. This was the perfect fit!

These magic squares really make kids think. They have to be some of the best math puzzles I have ever seen. (There are language arts puzzles as well.) I really enjoyed watching my kids think through the process of putting the pieces together and figuring out why it wasn't working. 

Here are a couple pictures of magic squares in action in my classroom.

If you want to know more, I HIGHLY recommend you visit Heather's blog post here. She has typed up a great explanation. 

Want your chance to win a set of YOUR CHOICE of magic squares? Simply enter the rafflecopter below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you don't win, I promise you wouldn't be wasting your money to purchase a set or more of these! (And if you want to test them out before the contest ends, Heather has 12 FREE sets for you to try out!)


  1. Magic Squares look cool! My kids would love them!! Thanks for sharing! Great giveaway too!
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    1. My kids absolutely LOVE them. I haven't taught all of them how to use them yet but my kids that needed the extra challenge have learned. They rush to get them in their free time.

  2. Gina - thank you for such a wonderful, honest review! I'm glad your students like them as much as mine! I'm a little slow, but I am finally getting this shared across my networks today! (conferences, snow day so had to re-plan everything, Valentine's party, students leaving for a week's vacation - you know how it can be...) :)

    1. I do know how it is! Thanks for sharing. I plan to get more magic squares as the skills come around :)


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