Monday, February 4, 2013

Third Grade Common Core Workbook

Is your school district implementing common core yet? We are slowly transitioning into it and will be fully implementing next year. I have spent a lot of time looking up resources that I will be able to use for next year and saw many people post about this AMAZING workbook. But at the time it was only available through 2nd grade. Well...good news third grade teachers. The Third Grade Common Core Workbook is here for us!!

This workbook has practice and activities for every math and language arts standard. This is NOT your typical workbook. It is much more engaging! There are over 800 pages of activities, posters, and practice pages. Being that there is a lot to know for us teachers, I also love how this workbook has all the standards in it and each activity is marked with the standard it addresses. This will really help with standards based grading (for those of us that do that).

It makes me feel just a little more comfortable implementing common core knowing that there is a book full of resources all combined into one place!


  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog! This Third Grade Common Core Workbook is filled with Third Grade Common Core Worksheets, Third Grade Common Core Activities, and Third Grade Common Core Posters! This workbook has everything you need for Third Grade Common Core!

  2. Where can you find this!? I didn't see it on Amazon!



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