Friday, February 8, 2013

Mystery Present- Freebie included!

In October, my friend Lisa over at Fourth and Ten posted about the amazing Pumpkin Present idea that she found on Rachelle's blog. Basically- you take an empty and festive container and put a mystery prize in it. These prizes could be anything- homework passes, pencils, erasers, stickers, candy, etc. You look for the students who are working exceptionally well and place the bucket on their desk. The student who has the bucket can not touch or play with it. You randomly move the bucket around the class to different students' desks based on their behavior. Whoever has the bucket at the end of the day gets the prize that is in the bucket.

At the same time that Lisa shared the idea, she also shared some tickets to put IN the pumpkin present. I decided to download those tickets and give it a whirl. The kids loved it. Loved it so much in fact that when November came they wondered what I was going to do since we no longer should be using a Halloween bucket. But November and December both came and went before I knew it. And now, here we are at February and my kids are STILL wondering when I am going to bring back the mystery present. So what did I do? I went to my favorite place- the Target dollar spot and picked up this cute little container.

And then quickly whipped up some prize cards to put in there. Now I will admit, the students also get a piece of candy or an eraser or something tiny along with their coupon, just to add to the mystery. But you certainly don't have to do that. My students are going to be so excited when they see this little beauty sitting on my desk! (I used black tissue paper so they can't try to see what is in there.)

There are 8 different prize cards included. I tried to make them generic so that they can be used in any classroom. The only one that might be a little tricky is the "special seat" one... I have a green comfy chair they can sit in, but if you don't have a special seat, you can get a cheap seat cushion that a student could use for the day or let them use your teacher chair.

If you think this is something you want to try in your class, or if you want to use these tickets another way, feel free to grab them by clicking on the image below. It will take you to the download from my TpT store. I would love some feedback if you download them! Enjoy!

You can find lots more February Freebies over at Corkboard Connections! (Just click the image below to go right to Laura's amazing blog and post.)

This post and freebie was posted with permission by both Lisa and Rachelle. 


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