Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blogger Slacker- BIG Apologies and Giveaway announcement

Friends- things have gotten C-R-A-Z-Y over here. I missed a few TLAP posts and was planning on making up for it by doing double posts this week. And then yesterday I got a text saying we could get back into our classrooms. I had to drop everything and go because I have 5 years worth of teaching stuff in my garage. You KNOW that is a lot of stuff. And I was starting to have minor anxiety about it not all getting in my room and organized in just a week. So when I was told we could go a week early, I had to. Which means this little blog of mine has to take a back seat until I can get all of that done. I promise I will share my notes on the chapters I missed at some point because the book is AMAZING and I have things to share. But I don't want any of our amazing hosts for each chapter to not get recognized. So, here they all are.

Chapter 14- (July 9)

Chapter 15- (July 11)
My Life as a 3rd Grade Teacher

Chapter 16- (July 14)
Peace, Love, & First Grade 

Chapter 17- (July 16)

Chapter 18&19-(July 18)
For the Love of Teaching Math

I am so sorry this happened! I also have to postpone (AGAIN) my bloggy birthday celebration. I hope you all understand (I am sure you know how panicky you can feel when you have to start over for the most part). Because I have to postpone, I will add some extra fun to the flash freebies when they happen. I am HOPING to be done with my room by next Tuesday at the latest and if I am, I promise to get my act together.

Have you been linking up your Teach Like a Pirate posts? Well... do we have news for you. Dave Burgess himself contacted us and has offered some prizes! He is going to let us randomly pick FIVE (yes you read that right- FIVE) winning posts to chose between a signed copy of the book OR a Teach Like a Pirate tshirt. All you have to do is link up your posts (which clearly everyone is doing!) and we will use a random number generator to choose the post number. If that post is yours, you win. Simple as that! (You can only win once though.)
Here's me rockin' my shirt in Disney. (I PLANNED to wear it and take a pic at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride... but Miss Forgetful forgot the shirt in the hotel room the day we went there.) Thanks Dave!!!


  1. That is awesome news. I have LOVED reading a nd posting about this book. I am glad that I am not the only one with more left to say. I am working on a little something right now.


  2. I was new to this Teach Like a Pirate and thought it was just a room theme. So glad I was waiting for my family at the airport LONGER than expected ( weather delays) - that I decided to see what these pirates were all about. I have been deep in pirate teaching since then! As soon as we get paid:) this will be my own PD!!!!! I love the passion and the flexibility involved. As a teacher of Gifted and Talented Kids, it is so validating to see that this is encouraged and prescribed for other teachers!!!!! Dave Burgess, you have become a name I will be watching! I would love to come and hear you and bring some friends!


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