Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 12- All The World Is a Stage

Let me start by saying I have a love hate relationship with my classroom. Interior designer I am not. And I constantly rearrange furniture. But in this chapter, Dave is telling you how to use your room as a stage for hooks. Here are the ones he teaches about in this chapter.

Interior Design Hook- How can you change your room to create the most fascinating atmosphere for your lesson? I have not often changed the look of my entire class just for a lesson. Honestly, I think that this would work better for a departmentalized teacher who teaches one subject multiple times a day. This way you are getting to use that rearranged atmosphere a few times a day. For me, I would have to rearrange and then undo it to move onto the next lesson or work around it. And sometimes, with a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds, change like that doesn't always work. Could it work for ONE lesson? Yes. But after that lesson, I know my kids would be W.I.L.D wild.

Board Message Hook-What can you project or write on the board to get the students interested in your lesson before it even begins? Sometimes I will project a picture for my next lesson while students are preparing their materials. As soon as one student sees it and starts the buzz, everyone starts asking questions. I use this a lot to get students engaged in their own path of learning. Their questions COULD take us away from my intended lesson but that is half the fun. And if we can't get to the questions that are off the beaten path, we save them for later. The reason I actually started doing this is to get students asking better questions. Instead of just what is that I want them to question specific things. How did that man end up in the water? Why isn't he running away from the flood? Is the house on stilts? (Those are all things kids asked me when viewing different pics that related to wild weather.)

Costume Hook- Is there anything you can wear to enhance your lesson? I haven't done this one much. I want to though. The one time I did it was a sports themed test review and I wore a baseball jersey. The kids bought right into it, which made me realize I need to do this more.

Props Hook- What can I bring in or show students to gain more interest in the lesson? Anything students can hold and pass around or even just see in front of them on the table adds to their interest. You probably do this a lot more than you realize. Instead of just talking about a book, bring it and show it. Display it for students to look at when they have time.

Involved Audience Hook- How can I get the students to be part of the "show"? Keeping students involved keeps them engaged.  I need more work with this one, so if you have any examples of how you do this, please share!

Mystery Bag Hook- How can I engage them by openly hiding something? O.M.G friends THIS is the winner for my class. My kids LOVED anything mystery. We did the mystery box activity a couple times this past year and we did mystery mail 3 or 4 times. Again, it also taught my students how to ask better questions and use clues to make conclusions/infer. If you asked my students what their favorite lesson of the year was, I think these would be pretty high up there.

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