Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate Chapters 10&11- Long Live the Arts and What's In It For Me?

Oh the arts- certainly NOT my strong suit. But the best thing about kids (at least 3rd graders and under) they don't care how bad you sing or how awful your drawings are. They LOVE it. And even if it is a terrible drawing of an animal that looks like a blob, they will compliment it. And so, I must say that I agree with Dave when he says "Music and art can be incredibly powerful ways to engage our students and enhance our lessons." My kids LOVE to sing. So as bad as I am at it (I mean BAD- hold the windows they might break I am so bad) we will bust out in a grammar or science song any time I can find one!

Here are the types of artistic hooks:

The Picasso Hook- incorporate art- anchor charts, foldables, craftivities- those are all simple ways to incorporate art that doesn't take a lot of time or stress. 

The Mozart Hook- add music to your lessons- sing a song, have the students make up a song, use music for transitions. Jenn does this and I envy her. My kids would be crazy. I don't do that. BUT I do use some Disney music (the Good Morning song from Magic Kingdom rope drop show) to signal that it is time for a morning meeting. We also listen to instrumental music during times when they are working independently. 

The Dance and Drama Hook- acting and dancing. We love to make up dances. I never really incorporated the drama part until the end of last year. Last year when I started implementing fluency time, my kids got kinda bored of the partner skits. Until I told them to use voices and make it fun. THEY took it upon themselves to memorize the lines and come up with some acting to go with it. I was so proud of them! After seeing that, I started incorporating acting things out and writing plays into some of their choices on choice boards. They almost always chose that one!

The Craft Store Hook- WHAT Dave?! Are you giving me permission to go the craft store? Could you alert my husband?! Oh. I supposed craftivities go here. Well regardless. Get your craft on!

Another favorite blogging buddy of mine is hosting this chapter- stop by and visit Faith!



  1. We could totally bust out some songs together!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. I am TOTALLY giving you permission to go to the craft store!! Put the husband on alert!

  3. Sorry I'm so late friend :) I kind of decided to draw pictures since that's how I typically learn :)


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