Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Fluency Fun!

You may remember my excitement about our ten minute fluency time that I incorporated last year for a couple months. And how much my kids loved it. If you don't, or are new here, you can find the post here.

I have been thinking about HOW I can get my low tier 3 kids even more time practicing this, with my support. Every morning during morning work time I am going to pull those kids and work with them on phonics skills and practice. But I still wanted to get a little more fluency in their time.

Enter Tessa's powerpoints.
Here is how I plan to implement them.

Every morning after my group is done with their phonics instruction, I am going to pull the powerpoints up on my ipad. I am using the app slideshark (it is free. I don't have keynote but if you have that it works just as well I am told.) to view the presentations. On Monday-Thursday, I will show the same powerpoint. We will go around the table reading the phrases that are on the slides. So student 1 will read phrase 1, student 2 phrase 2, etc until we have gone through all of the phrases. Any time a student gets a phrase right (and quickly- I haven't set a time but they can't be reading like robots) I am going to give them a sticker to add to their chart. (I made a quick chart that you can download by clicking on the image below.) Once students get to 100 stickers they will be able to trade it in for a prize (either from my bucket, lunch in the class, computer time, those kinds of things) and they will get a new chart to start. On Friday I will test each child individually. If they get all of the phrases correct, they will add a sticker to the chart included in Tessa's file. (Here is my sticker chart.)

Tessa includes some certificates in her file as well as the recording sheet to keep track of progress.

On top of them getting this certificate, I will probably bring in a special treat for them (popsicle, ice cream, something they don't usually get and that other kids don't get).

I am really excited to be able to implement this with my tier 3 kids because they will need more than just my 10 minutes a week. And doing this with them will help them be more successful on their independent fluency time practice.

While this is how I am using it, there are plenty of ways this can be used. You could use this in a fluency center- pull it up on the computer and partners can work together, time each other, etc. You could also show this as a whole class presentation when you have a few minutes and have the kids read them out loud together or go around the room.

If you want to see how Tessa used them, click here.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Gina!

  2. Oh I love this idea. I saw them but wasn't sure how to use them with 3rd graders. (I'm moving to 3rd this next year for the first time.) Thanks for sharing!


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