Friday, July 12, 2013

To Do Linky

I am back from 10 days of amazing family vacation. We started in Atlanta and headed to Disney for a week. Maybe someday I will get a chance to share those pictures, but right now, I have to get things together for school, because sadly we officially go back July 29. Which means I go back the week of July 22. If you forgot, I am no longer in the trailer, so my entire life of teaching stuff is in my garage. I have to move it all in and completely set up a new room. And probably clean it. So right now, the panic is setting in on just how MUCH I have to do. Thank goodness Lorraine started her To Do list linky early. Last year this was one of the best things I did on my blog because it kept me accountable (even if every time I crossed something off, I added 3 more). I love to do lists and this is perfect. So here we go..

Since I have SO MUCH to do, I am splitting it into categories...

1. Sharpen pencils- I want to have enough sharpened that I am not rushing around the first week worrying about that too,
2. Clean
3. Decorate
4. Move in
5. Get group buckets set up
6. Make birthday balloons
7. Make first day treat bags
8. Decide on morning meeting/closing circle and if using them, order closing circle book
9. Make Folder Labels- homework folder, classwork folder, writing folder,
10. Make behavior clip chart and conduct sheet
11. Prepare new student bags
12. Get large paper bags for students to put supplies in when they arrive
13. Copy supply list for each student to track who needs what
14. Make where we are sign
15. Print, cut, laminate new word wall letters (I like the second set I made better)
16. Make library check out cards
17. Make homework club display
18. Make no name paper display
19. Print and laminate daily 5 signs
20. Make daily 5 rotation cards
21. Make student book marks
22. Print/copy/prep student planners (waiting to see if our school supplies them like last year)
23. Print genre posters
24. Fluency rotations-  make/find board labels
25. Figure out math TIME
26. Make writing display board
27. Decide how to set up binders and make a sample

1. Finish reading Daily 5 and plan for introducing it
2. Find/Create activities for each area of D5
3. Plan first week activities
4. Make/find small group planing pages. I don't want anything too detailed, just a place to keep track of what lessons I am doing with my groups during D5
5. Plan life science lessons
6. Plan Who We Are unit
7. Figure out how to track D5 rotations
8. Redo intro letter, behavior plan, and homework letter
9. Do weekly homework packets again- plan out the first few weeks and prepare
10. Get morning work notebooks for daily fix its cut in half.
11. Copy morning work word problems, number of the day, and word work
12. Make individual word walls
13. Plan how we will use IB Think it Through
14. Plan writing lessons using Ashleigh's narrative writing unit

Copies to Make/ Things to Buy
1. Conduct sheet (C)
2. Monday morning work (C)
3. Clothespins (B)
4. Silly starws (B)
5. 3rd grader bracelents (C)
6. Intro/Behavior Plan (C)
7. ALL first week activities (C)

1. Update lesson plan templates
2. Update class journal covers
3. Make Math minis
4. Finish D5 activities
5. Make CCSS editable file
6. Plan bloggy birthday celebration and giveaway
7. Make ccss checklist to match theme

1. Make a workout schedule
2. Make a house cleaning schedule (I can't do the entire house in one day, so a little each day is better for me)
3. Go to board and get loan forgiveness paperwork done
4. Finish reading Dirty Red
5. Read a couple more books for fun

(Things are already crossed off because I had this post ready 4 days ago and just now realized I never published it. You can bet I will be adding plenty more to it while crossing things off.)


  1. Congratulations on completing some of your items already, Gina!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Thanks for sharing your to-do list! Not only does it work to keep you accountable, but it gives the rest of us some good ideas/reminds of things we forgot about :)

  3. It is good to know that I am not the only one with a bazillion things on my list. Check your mail next week...I think I can help with part of one thing on your list. Now off to make mine!

    Terri Izatt


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