Friday, January 3, 2014

Introducing: Slim Down Saturdays

Was one of your resolutions to get fit? Eat healthy? Be overall a healthier person? Are you trying to lose weight from having a baby? Or just want to keep yourself accountable?

I have decided to start a weekly Slim Down Saturday linky. Why? Because I am DETERMINED to get more energy, lose weight, and enter my 30s feeling good about myself! Join me on this adventure?

If you want to join, I am including a template that you can copy and paste to your post, or you can post whatever you want to share about your fitness/weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. I am being very transparent and open about this. Something I have never done with my weight before. You, of course, can share as much or as little as you want. I just need to hold myself accountable.

Here is how this will work. Anyone that wants to join in on this fun, can copy the button above and the image below and insert their own information. I would appreciate you linking back to my blog but it is not mandatory. (To add your information to the template, copy the image, paste it into powerpoint, and add text boxes in the blank spaces to add your information. Save the entire image with your text boxes as a picture (I do a screen shot of mine but you could group all the text and the image and right click to save as a picture). Put the image into your own blog post and share as much or as little as you want.)

Explanation: I didn't include starting weight because I am guessing many of us don't want to share that number. If you feel inclined, you can add it to your blog post.
Ultimate goal: Here is where you can put your final goal. Do you want to lose x amount of lbs? Be a certain weight? Put that here.
Gain/Loss for the week: +/- and a number (easy enough right?)
Total since starting: here is where you will put your total loss (hopefully, though muscle DOES weigh more than fat!) since starting
Positives from the week: Share at least one thing that you are proud of yourself for from this week. (You can share if you met your goal from the last week-see below- here.)
Something to do better: Share one thing that you want to improve on- maybe cut out x, y, or z. Drink more water. Workout extra 10 min a day. Etc.
Goal for next week: This could be a weight loss goal or an eating goal. For example: eat fruit every day. Or- lose 2 lbs. Or- drink 8 glasses of water a day. Etc.
One word: You will use the wordle included in the blog posts to choose ONE word that stands out to you. In your post you can explain why you chose that word. The wordle will be the same each week.

Other things you  might want to share: how you worked out, recipes that were good (or even bad), tricks and tips, things that worked for you. There are no rules about what you share, as long as it is about your new (or continuing) healthy lifestyle, I say go for it! The only thing I ask is that you leave some love on the 2 blogs linked up before you and the 1 that links up after you (Farley's rule of 3). People are putting a lot out there by sharing all of this and we could ALL use the encouragement every now and again!

And in case you want to be prepared, here is the wordle: (I did not create this, I found it)

I will be back tomorrow with my very first post.

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