Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slim Down Saturday Jan 25

Week four is here! I am NOT doing good. I am doing great with eating better, but I just can't seem to get back to working out... 
I can't get untired. It is just insane. No matter how much I sleep... I am STILL tired.
Ultimate goal: I want to lose 25-30 pounds by the time I turn 30 on May 10th. I want to feel good about myself going into my 30s. If I lose 25lbs I will be about what I weighed when we got married. 30lbs will be the exact weight. I look back at the pictures from 2009 and think to myself "and you thought you needed to lose weight then?!" 

Gain/Loss for the week: down .2

Total since starting: -3.8lbs

Positives from the week: I ate healthy all week. Including lunches. I managed to prepare my lunches in advance which helped a TON. See.. Ok well for some reason the picture won't work... but what I did was premade salads for each day. I put dressing in little cups for each day. And then I bagged up some grapes, peanuts, and tortilla strips (for my salad) for each day of the week. In the morning I just grabbed one of everything and threw it in my lunch. Super quick and easy!
And another thing I did was cut out unnecessary snacks. I usually come home from work, have some kind of (not healthy) snacks, and then have a later dinner. This week, I cut out the snacks and had dinner at a normal time. 

Something to do better: Same as last week. I didn't work out. Seriously. I can't be not tired. It is really frustrating. I know I NEED to workout. And I know NOT working out is NOT helping. But the amount of work I have had to do takes up the little bit of free time I have and by the time I finish, I crash. And of course- drink more water... always. Though I did do better with it this week.

Goal for next week: I am very close to having a lower number in the tens place as my weight. I reallllly want to get to I definitely need to get back to working out.
And my one word: Truth- I chose truth because in all of this, I am being truthful. I know I am not doing all I need to do to lose the weight I want to lose. But I am not denying it or acting like I did things that I really didn't. 

Another week down! I look forward to seeing everyone's progress! Here is your blank template. (A tip- click the image to enlarge it before copying or saving it.)
I will be around on and off today to catch up with everyone. 


  1. That's OK, Gina. Everyone hits their plateau or doesn't see change sometime. I mean, this week I gained weight so at least you're staying the same! I have to make smarter food/snack choices too and these snow days aren't helping cause all I want to do is lounge around and snack. I like that your word for this week was truth. Being honest is definitely a part of the process. Good luck next week!!


  2. I am so sick of salads. I mean really really sick of salads!! I have found I enjoy those Luna bars for quick lunches, or picking up a special deli salad (Raley's Mandarin Chicken Salad is good), or even having a Healthy Choice frozen meal once in a while makes it different. I am also loving Greek Yogurt for breakfast and lunch. Thanks for hosting this linky!

  3. I would suggest checking out I have been a member for years! It is a free site to help you with community, support, videos, tracking and more! Since I have been a member- I have had ups and downs. But I have lost almost 23 lbs since last January- between school, stress, trying to balance sleep, workouts, and food- it has been hard! But the community support is great. Even if you get in 10 minutes of exercise a day you are on the right track!!!! Good luck with your goals!!!! :)

  4. Hey, you've got more to brag about than me! Good for you on your lunches- I feel that is the hardest thing me to to do; to plan for meals ahead of time and bring them for lunch. Maybe I'll give your method a try- it seems easy enough! You'll get the workout thing figured out soon enough. I only go because my husband makes me (I'm secretly grateful for it, but I don't show it when he turns the TV and says, "Let's go.") Keep on, keeping on! :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  5. You're doing great Gina! Sometimes it's hard to focus on healthy eating and exercising at the same time. It sounds like you're really getting a handle on your eating and avoiding triggers. Remember even 10 minutes of being active...even just dancing with your little better than nothing. Good luck this week!

  6. I am right there with you on the plateau -- nothing last week and 0.4 this week. The measurements are what are helping me continue to be positive though because I am getting more fit with exercise and my wraps. I totally agree with the word, "truth". I am taking big steps of confidence to share this each week, but I am doing it, and I am being honest. It is helping me stay focused throughout the week because I know I have to be honest either way! Good luck this week!

  7. STILL proud of you! I found some Gladware or Ziploc containers that have a little cup that sticks inside for dressing. That helped this week for me! I'm down a total of 11 pounds since the begging of the month. I'm on day 27 of no Diet hard!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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