Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slim Down Saturday Week 2

It's week two. Have you been doing your best? I hope you are ready to link up! Even if you had some bad days (or even a full on bad week) just get back on the train and push through!
It was our first week back to school this week so I thought for sure I was going to give up. Thankfully I didn't.
Ultimate goal: I want to lose 25-30 pounds by the time I turn 30 on May 10th. I want to feel good about myself going into my 30s. If I lose 25lbs I will be about what I weighed when we got married. 30lbs will be the exact weight. I look back at the pictures from 2009 and think to myself "and you thought you needed to lose weight then?!" 

Gain/Loss for the week: lost 2.4 pounds!

Total since starting: down 3.6 pounds!

Positives from the week: I thought for sure I was going to lose steam and give up Tuesday or Wednesday because I get so tired from work. But... I made it. I worked out every single day! Even on Tuesday when I was asleep before 10pm, I managed to work out. Seeing that number go down, even as slow as it is, motivates me to keep going. I know it would go down more if I did more cardio, but I am not ready for that yet. I am getting there.

Something to do better: I had a "free day" Monday to watch the FSU game with my husband. I knew this was coming so I tried to not "cheat" anywhere else in the week.

Goal for next week: Eat some kind of breakfast. I HATE eating that early in the morning. I am going to try having breakfast bars or granola bars or something just to have a small breakfast. Thursday and Friday I was able to eat a granola bar which is better than nothing. Wednesday I had some yogurt and granola. So I want to continue doing that.
And my one word: Positive- this is such a positive experience all together. Having friends to link up with me and having to hold myself accountable is really helping me to stick to this. I usually give up after day 1 of the resolution. It is also nice to see everyone that is joining in and (hopefully) enjoying the link up!

I was going to do weekly pictures but I haven't taken any yet.. and right now I have bed head and am in pjs... NO one wants to see this mess. So maybe I will do monthly pictures. I will say I am starting to FEEL like I look better. I haven't lost a lot yet (though for me 3.6 pounds in about 2 weeks is a good start) but I can tell there is a difference.

My one tip (from a complete NON professional here)- don't deprive yourself. If you really want a bite of chocolate, it is not going to throw you completely off by having one bite. a whole bag- that might be a problem. But I feel like depriving yourself of the things you want only makes the want that much worse. And eventually, when you do finally "treat yourself" to what you think will be just a small taste, it ends up being a full on feast. I have one or two small pieces of chocolate a day.

So there it is friends. Week 2 COMPLETE. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress! Here is your blank template. (A tip- click the image to enlarge it before copying or saving it.)
We have a birthday party today so I will be checking in with everyone who links up later tonight and/or tomorrow. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. HI Gina! Way to go!!! It sounds like you had an awesome week. I'm jealous that you were back to work last week. We were out this whole week due to the weather. I'm so ready to get back into my classroom to teach and to get back into a daily routine. Thanks for the chance to link up!

  2. Yay! Good for you, girl. I'm totally with you on not depriving yourself! If you like banana at all, I found these great "cookies" on Pinterest- I think they came from a blog called The Burlap Bag? They are made using some mushy bananas, oats, and chocolate chips. I also added some peanut butter to mine. They were delicious and easy for me to grab on my way out the door. :)

  3. Awesome job on your weight loss! Staying on track even when exhausting is hard! So fist pump for you! :)
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. YAY! You did great this week! Super proud of you. Keep it up, GIna!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Great job Gina! I can't believe you worked out every day last week. I was so exhausted every day and fell asleep early. I am definitely striving to make it to the gym more next week.

  6. I love that you started this link-up, Gina! I haven't linked up (yet), but I love reading through everyone's posts! I committed myself to do 30 days of Insanity, and today I finished Day 6. YEA!! My wedding dress arrived this week, and I am super motivated to be fab and fit in a few short months! Keep up the great work, and thank you for starting this awesome linky party!

  7. Great job staying on track with your first week back. We ended up having snow days ALL week, so I am hoping that I can stay focused this coming week when I go back! Thank you for starting this linky!

  8. Sounds like you had a great week Gina! Stay positive and enjoy your journey, there is nothing better than feeling fit. I didn't link up because I'm not in a losing phase of my life ( I did lose 15# last year though.... :-), but I signed up to follow you on bloglovin'. Good luck on week 3!

  9. Thank you so much for starting this linky!!! I need this to keep me accountable! You are doing such a great job! I also am focusing on eating breakfast this week! Today, I made oatmeal with coconut milk. I took it to school with me because I just can't seem to fit it in at home. Baby steps. Did you eat breakfast this morning? We can do this!!!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

    P.S. LOVE the hearts on your blog design! Just adorable. :)


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