Thursday, July 19, 2012

Desk Tags

How many of us teachers just love cute stuff for our classroom. I know a lot of us do themes... I haven't ever done a theme so much as just a color scheme. I was going to do a Disney theme this year, but in all honesty, I just didn't have the time to get it all together. But what I did do was make some cute Mickey and Minnie color scheme desk name cards. I originally was going to just do Mickey colors but realized they didn't go with my pink, silver, and black color scheme I am going with. So I did the pink and gray and know that my boys will not be happy with that. So even though the "Mickey" colored ones don't match my color scheme, I love them just the same. And am selling them for only $1 each or $1 . 50 for the set. You can find the Mickey ones here, Minnie here, and combined set here.

(These are just little screen shots, the border is even all the way around, and when purchased there is no water mark)
For a dollar each, or $1 . 50 for the set, how can you resist. All it takes is a little printing and you are set for many years to come. Way cheaper than buying new ones each year! You could technically laminate them and write the names on with dry erase marker/vis a vis markers and reuse them each year if you really wanted to save some money. The kids may end up erasing their names though. Of course, it would help to rearrange desks that way because you could just erase the names and write new ones.... hmm things to consider for myself before the year starts! I will most likely write the students' names on them and tape them down with packaging tape instead of reusing them. We will see. 

So what do ya say we giveaway a set of these? As soon as this blog gets to 20 followers I will set up a rafflecopter to choose a winner to receive both the pink and black name cards. So follow along on this journey, encourage your friends to follow, and hopefully get to 20 people sooner rather than later so someone can win this freebie!


  1. Thank you so much! I am new to all this and I messed up the first attempt and it took forever to fix it! But I love them and have them ready to go for this year!


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