Friday, July 20, 2012

Plan Book Dilemma

I have never found the perfect plan book for my lessons. So this summer, I created my own simple pages to use as a plan book. And I was satisfied. Until I realized that I want to be able to type into it, which I can from home, but for some reason when I transfer it to my laptop the formatting is all wrong and I can't type into it without the boxes messing up. And I sure don't want to waste my precious planning time at work not planning. So then I thought, ok I will print the pages and make copies and have it bound at Fed Ex Office. But the thing is, I write too big and can fit more in the boxes when I type (I like to include a lot of details)... plus it just looks nicer typed. So here is my dilemma... do I use my own that I made? Type into it and pring it weekly or copy it, bind it, and write in it? Or do I buy one that isn't perfect? What do you do? Do you have a favorite or perfect plan book? I have 2 weeks to find the perfect solution! Here are my pages... nothing fancy. I created other pages to go with them (to do lists, contact logs, contact info, etc.) and those are all in my teacher binder waiting for school to start. The planning pages are my only dilemma!
Feel free to look at all the rest of the pages I included here... but really I just need some input!


  1. I, personally, like to type out my lesson plans AND write them out. I know that sounds like a lot...and it probably is...but it's what keeps me focused. I plan everything out by hand and then type my "final" copy. That's what I turn in to my principal and have on my desk in case she comes in to view my lesson that day.

    I love your pages though! I had never heard of teachers pay teachers before. That's a neat little website! :)

  2. I actually think that is somewhat what I will end up doing. I am going to use a spiral notebook to plan my ideas during my planning time and then come home and type them into my plans. We don't turn in plans individually, we turn them in as a grade level and our district has a form we have to use so I usually take what I plan to do for the week and just type it into their form. I'll see how it goes. And thanks... be careful now TpT is an addicting site lol


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