Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sentence and Fragments- Easy Peasy!

Our first grammar skill of the year is sentences and fragments. And I am convinced no matter how long I spend on it, or how hard we work on it, some kids just refuse to give up writing fragments. So, to try to help them recognize the difference between a sentence and a fragment (and to do it in a semi-fun way) I created a sentence and fragment sort game. Students will sort lemons into the correct "cup of lemonade" (sentence or fragment) and record their answers on a recording sheet.
Why a lemonade theme? Well because we start school in August and lemonade is the perfect summer drink... and well, I thought the clip art was cute! Anyways, my plans for set up are:

Print and laminate the labels (sentence and fragment) and glue them onto some clear cups (think red solo cup, but clear). Print and laminate the directions lemon slice and the sentences and fragments lemons and put them in a bag or other container (I am a little container obsessed so we will see if I find one that I think fits). Print and copy the recording sheet and put it in a folder near the center. Students will complete this activity with a group during their turn at the center. (I may make two sets this way there aren't as many children playing at once.)

The students will sort the lemons into the correct cups and record their answers on their recording sheets. As an extra challenge (early finishers or above level students), they can take the fragments out of the cup and try to turn them into sentences. They can write the new sentences on the back of their recording sheet.

Once I set mine up I will take and post pictures...which I should do soon since we head back to work in 2 weeks... YIKES!

If you would like to purchase this, please go here. It is only $2!

Here is an image of what is included in the activity.

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