Friday, July 20, 2012

To a week (maybe two)

Does anyone else have this problem? You are constantly crossing things off your to do list but it just isn't going anywhere?! I cross off one thing and I swear I add 3 more every time! I head back to work in a week and I feel like I am nowhere near ready...and I have spent a good majority of my summer trying to prevent that feeling!! I am a to-do list-aholic... I have lists of lists... and all over the place... Lists on post its, lists on cute Disney paper, lists on my phone... I sure hope all these lists and all this work makes me feel less stressed when the kiddos return to me in about 2 weeks! I go back to work on July 30... kiddos come in Aug 6... so that gives me 10-17 days to get all of my to do lists gone. And by all, I mean I have lists upon lists. It is no wonder I feel so overwhelmed! But instead of doing one of the millions of things on my to do list, I figured I would link up with Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies to share my to do list... and maybe, just maybe, putting it all in one place will help me get it done faster? Yea right... not when I keep adding things...

So here is my to do list...
1. Make small group planning sheet- I need a page for each week so I can put detailed plans in them for my groups, outside of my normal plan book
2. Create conference reminder sheets
3. Create a missing pieces bucket
4. Finish my word work centers
5. Create writing centers
6. Finish first unit of Social Studies plans
7. Type detailed plans and gather all unit 1 SS materials to put in binder for future years
8. Create, print, laminate new IB posters (idea- type descriptions on bottom of page, teach one a day during morning meeting, have students act it out and photograph, mount picture onto page and laminate.)
9. Organize my teacher binder
10. Create a What to do when through poster
11. Plan week 2
12. Make Birthday balloons on silly straws
13. Figure out how students will keep track of center activities
14. DL and prep math centers
15. Figure out what I will and won't collect from centers
16. Create first day bingo
17. Make 1st day treat bags
18. Make It's My Birthday badges and put on necklaces
19. Print PYP flower for my binder
20. Make dice for morning meeting activity--I changed my mind on this for now
21. Order closing circle book and energizers book (waiting for closing circle book to become available to ship)
22. Make "Ask me what I made on Mrs. S's test" buttons (I changed my mind on this.. I decided to use smart beads when kids make a 100)
23. Make Blooms questions cards (extra set to keep in my binder and a set for kids to use)
24. Make brain sprinkles
25. Make folder labels (hw, classwork, writing, IB)
26. Make copies of papers I need for the first week
27. Redo my intro letter, behavior plan, and homework letter
28. Smart Beads
29. Add parent communication file to binder (compliments of The School Potato)
30. Plan out homework packets for week 2 (get a notebook to designate for this)
31. Get a notebook to designate for preliminary plans.
32. Make it's my birthday necklaces (get more beads- different colored) this was duplicated so I get to cross off woohoo
33. Buy sheet protectors for student binders (if none are in my class) Found mine in my classroom SCORE!
34. Fix year at a glace
35. Make title page for lesson plans
36. Make binder cover
37. Decorate file folders (that ugly green isn't going to cut it anymore)
38. Prep center rotation signs and labels
39. Figure out center rotation schedule, type, and put in my binder
40. I found new binder dividers and cover page that I want to make... so adding that to the list now.
41. Print conduct sheets
42. Make number cards for computer rotation
43. Fix supply check list (can't do this until next week)
44. Print spelling handbook
45. Detailed plans for week 1
46. Print, laminate, and cut new word wall letters
47. Figure out how to fix word wall
48. DL word problems and daily fix its for August
49. Prep pages I need for week 1 duplicate!
50. Organize and set up the classroom (I am not putting each thing individually because I think it would take me to like 75 things...)
51. Morning messages on chart paper
52. Personal schedule (gotta have a daily to do list so that things get done around the house too)

I honestly think there is a lot more on another sheet of paper somewhere that I can't find but for now I think this will do...

(7/21- I may or may not have just added something to the list that I just made.... just so I could cross it off)
(7/22- This list started at 27... see what I mean.. it never goes away!)


  1. Hi Gina!
    Thanks for linking up to my linky party! I'm your newest follower. Good Luck getting through your list. Mine keeps growing instead of shrinking :(
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  2. Thanks for following! Mine keeps growing too... but maybe I will at least get through these 20something :)

  3. Hi Gina!
    Found your list through the linky party, and I noticed that you teach in an IB school. I do, too! Thanks for reminding me of all the IB-related things I need to pull together for back to school. I'm now on page 3 of my to do list. :)

    Your newest follower,

  4. Hey Alison! We aren't IB yet... we are in the 3rd year trying to be certified. It is all very overwhelming to me! Hopefully we can share some ideas on it all!

  5. Hello Gina!
    I found your to do list through the linky party. I am a list addict too! You look like you are making good progress though! Good luck with starting the new school year. I am your newest follower :)

    Second Grade is Sweet

  6. Hi Dray! I'm glad you can understand how I feel with my list addiction... it is awful! But I love to cross things off so I have to have them in order to get things done :)

  7. I'm a first year teacher so I feel like I have a ton to do even things I don't KNOW to do.


  8. Alyssa I am in my 6th year and I STILL feel like I don't know there are things I need to do :)


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